Computer Backup Server

While looking for offset funds to build a Freenas system, went through my bins looking for computers I have built in the past.

Here is the find–IWill ARO RAID board.  Sadly computer technology changes rapidly but for old time’s sake, put power to the ATX Molex connector, sans computer case and booted to an old DOS drive.

  1. Original IWill Server board

The first computer server I built contained RAID.  It an IWill BS100 motherboard and Adaptec RAIDPORT II a PCI slot-extension card.  This PCI like board was uniquely produced for the BS100 motherboard.  IWill sold the BS100 motherboard around the years 1999-2000 and you needed to buy the Adaptec ARO-1130C board separately to get RAID storage.  Once integrated the motherboard could support up to 15 SCSI hard drives connected that leveraged RAID levels 0, 1 or 0/1, 5 .  It was my first hardware RAID based computer.  At the time I was only interested storing my stuff and OS all on the same Raid(0) hard drive striping scheme. 20161220_154934

Here is the naked IWill board with Pentium II processor.  This unit still works.


IWill BS100 booted running DOS Scandisk utility.


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