Freenas Server

I put this Freenas server together over the holidays.  If you don’t know what Freenas is all about, this box and all the new parts inside was inspired by the developers over at and some writing by proligde who build a similar system.

I will spare you a repeat of abundant online discussions and just tell you this unit contains two (2) 3TB Western Digital Red drives, an ASRock E3C226D2I Mini ITX motherboard that accepts the Intel Core i3-4170 Haswell cpu and 16GB ECC unbuffered memory.

As mentioned, there a many online guides where I followed the most popular hardware recommendations except the rule specifying that the storage space, the number of drives/memory holds significant how the unit performs and safe from data loss.

With this lingering in my mind, at first only had one (1) 3T red hard drive, but later caved and procured a second identical HD so at least, (according to the Freenas folks) I can now use a ZFS mirror space to store my files and test this unit out.

So for now, I’m just testing.  The project should include a space for WMC recorded shows and backups from several computers.

To finish the unit, installed the motherboard and drives into an In Win CE685 desktop case which has room for two 3.5-inch hard drives.  In Win makes a cool NAS enclosure. but I rushed out to find this one on a budget–a mini ITX case to enclose my new computer parts.


In Win CE 685.FH300B3 Disktop Computer Case


E3C226D2I Mini ITX motherboard fitting into the In Win case


A complete Unit


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